Community Banks

EFG, specifically Jack Harvey and Blake Miller, has been involved in the placement of more than $200,000,000 in loans, leases & equipment finance agreements in the last five years.

A large majority of these agreements have taken place through community banks. The goals of working alongside community banks are twofold:

  1. EFG becomes an additional resource to the bank by understanding the bank’s individual underwriting guidelines and its target customers.
  2. EFG offers opportunities to current bank customers by being an additional leasing and financing arm.
  1. EFG wants to be a leasing and financing arm of the bank that can provide a product to the bank so that they do not loose opportunity with their current customers
  2. EFG wants to understand what the underwriting guidelines of the bank are and the description of the "type of customer" they are looking for.

Benefits of EFG's Banking Services


EFG manages a portfolio of clients for partnering banks

EFG works to help banks create more income