EFG offers exceptional equipment leasing & finance programs to qualified vendors designed to augment a customer’s purchasing power.

Partnering with EF Group will increase your sales.

EF Group makes it easy to offer your customers monthly payment options. We do not require multi-million-dollar annual volume commitments, and we work with anysize equipment, vehicle, or software vendor. Your customers get the financing they want, and you still get paid in full right away –everybody wins.

Our partners not only sell more goods; our vendor programs also increase margins, improve sales cycle times, and can even help close sales months later. Supported by a team of professionals with over 100 years of combined experience, our programs combine innovative finance tools with a quick turnaround.

It is easy to partner with EF Group.

Currently more than 80% of all B2B equipment sales are financed.

With EF Group, you can offer attractive payment options like financing and leasing, while still getting paid in full right away. You make the sale;we take the risk.

Cash flow and cash reserves are more important to business now more than ever. Not offering financing means you are susceptible to losing these customers to finance-offering competitors.

EF group finances almost any type of capital equipment. If you sell to businesses, we would like to talk to you.

No more having customers hold up sales while waiting for the bank or other funding. Offering instant financing also takes “let’s see if we have the budget” out of the equation.

Obviously, offering a payment option is a good benefit to promote. But it can go further. Smart companies are tailoring custom, creative financing and lease programs to their clientele and EF Group can do this for you.

Why having a Vendor Partner is SMART!

If you are a vendor of high-priced equipment, then you understand that it is often challenging to close a sale with clients not willing (or able) to pay all the capital upfront.

That is the reason why as a vendor, you need EF Group and our vendor financing and leasing program.

A vendor finance and leasing program can help in preventing your clients from walking away from your company without making any purchase of your equipment. That is because this type of equipment financing allows your client to use the equipment even without shelling out a huge payment and leaving a huge dent on their working capital.

Having a vendor finance and leasing program is like having a captive finance company. The only difference is that the equipment applications are handled by a separate company (us).

Vendor leasing and finance programs can significantly help you close more sales. Most business owners understand the risk of spending their working capital for purchasing costly equipment. Money-wise, they understand the value of leasing their equipment.

Again, a vendor leasing and finance program is a working relationship between you (the vendor) and EF Group who comes up with financial solutions for your customers.

Tips on how to sell financing

  • Control the sales process from beginning to end.
  • Bring up financing early in the selling process.
  • Ask these 3 questions at the beginning of the sales process. It will help sell more products:
    • Do you plan on financing your equipment purchase?
    • How long do you plan on using the equipment?
    • What do you typically do with old equipment when purchasing new?
  • Include a monthly payment on every equipment quote.
  • Use a payment calculator or rate factor.
  • Sell the monthly payment, not the equipment price.
  • It’s easier to justify productivity gains or cost savings with a monthly payment.
  • Get a credit app completed before you leave the meeting.

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