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The Trusted Finance & Leasing Resource with a commitment to client service and delivering results. We have an enviable track record of building successful partnerships with all our business associates and are dedicated to understanding your needs and exceeding your expectations.


To be long term advisors who utilize our collective expertise to provide prompt and viable financing/leasing solutions to our clients.


A trustworthy reputation with prompt viable knowledge, that creates successful deals with our customers and vendors at competitive rates.


Brian Fason –CEO & Owner of Carson Construction & Fason Properties

When I was introduced to Blake Miller roughly seven years ago; I had been told by my bank that they could not help me. Not only did he facilitate the financing for that immediate need, but EF Group became the financing experts that I’ve used and continue to use for every financing need for Carson Construction and Fason Properties. No matter if the financing is for continual equipment purchases, a new corporate office building purchase or a large real estate purchase and construction loan, EF Group always delivers. I’d recommend them to any business owner.

Chris Beaty –CEO Telecomp

Our relationship with EF Group began at a pivotal point for Telecomp in the first quarter of 2018. The capital that they secured for us helped with our immediate needs at that time. They continued to facilitate financing that allowed us to implement our strategy and help fund the capital necessary for our growth over the next year and a half. In November 2019, EF Group secured the necessary capital for our largest acquisition to date. That purchase more than doubled the size, footprint, and clients of Telecomp. I’d recommend them to any business owner or operator that is looking for a strategic financing expert for any financing or capital needs they may have.

Roberts Lee –CEO & Owner of Meadors, Adams & Lee

EF Group not only secured my immediate need for financing that allowed me to acquire the remaining shares of my company but they also created & implemented the strategy that then allowed them to secure the financing that allowed me to purchase our office building. I’d recommend to any business owner that has a financing need that they meet with EF Group and explain their short-and long-term financing needs. EF Group will make it happen while they can concentrate on running their business.




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Monthly payments have many factors that are taken into consideration while determining the dollar amount. Among these are the length of your chosen lease term, type of equipment being financed & personal credit.

The calculator will give you an idea of what range your payments could fall into.

*Calculator is for illustrative purposes only. Actual numbers will vary based on credit.

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